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Aerobie Sports

Aerobie Dogobie Disc

Aerobie Dogobie Disc

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Few things are easier and more fun than playing catch with your dog.
Designing the perfect disc that doesnt wear out or wear you out thats where we come in.
People have been throwing things for dogs to retrieve since before we were even writing things down.
With the Dogobie we have redesigned this ancient tradition for the modern age.
A spoiler rim design makes it easy to throw while the soft and flexible material is kind to your dogs mouth.
It is also durable and tear resistant so its ready to play whenever your dog is which if we know dogs is probably all the time.
- Soft material is gentle on your dog?s teeth and gums
- Aerodynamic design makes it easy to throw accurately
- Soft but remarkably durable puncture and tear resistant
- Completely flexible disc is easy for your dog to pick up
- Comes in blue and yellow the two colours most easily seen by your dog
- Diameter of 8in (20 cm) and weight of 93 grams make it a good size for most dogs

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