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Blitz Metal Octagonal Chrome Sai

Blitz Metal Octagonal Chrome Sai

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  • Monouchi (shaft) of the sai is octagonal

  • Train with deadly speed and accuracy

  • Imitation leather handle

  • Practice training aid only

  • Sold in pairs

The construction of the Blitz sai enables the practitioner to train with deadly speed and accuracy. The monouchi (shaft) of the sai is octagonal with an imitation leather handle. Easy to wipe clean before and after use. Dimensions: 13" Sai - 9" monouchi (shaft) x 4" handle. 15" Sai - 11" monouchi (shaft) x 4" handle. 18" Sai - 12.5" monouchi (shaft) x 5.5" handle. 19.5" Sai - 14" monouchi (shaft) x 5.5" handle. 21.5" Sai - 16.5" monouchi (shaft) x 5.5" handle. Sold in pairs.
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