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Blitz Martial Arts Plain Coloured Belt

Blitz Martial Arts Plain Coloured Belt

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  • 4.5cm wide, 9 rows of stitching

  • Exceptional durability

  • Easy-to-tie & secure fit

  • 100% polyester & colour-fast

  • Perfect for training & grading

Crafted for the modern martial artist who values tradition, the Blitz Plain Coloured Belt embodies a fusion of classic design and contemporary craftsmanship. This belt, measuring at 4.5cm in width, isn't just about aesthetics. With nine rows of high-quality stitching, it stands as a testament to meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that practitioners have a belt built to withstand rigorous training sessions.

Ease and functionality are core to this belt's design. The easy-to-tie mechanism allows martial artists of all levels to secure a snug fit swiftly, freeing up more time for practice and less on preparation. Its 100% polyester composition guarantees a vibrant hue that remains steadfast, irrespective of the challenges of frequent training and washing, courtesy of its colour-fast properties.

An indispensable addition to your martial arts kit, this belt offers versatility in its purest form. Whether you're gearing up for a training session, grading, or a demonstration, the Blitz Plain Coloured Belt serves as a robust companion, echoing your dedication to the discipline.

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