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Blitz Red Foam Ball Bearing Nunchaku

Blitz Red Foam Ball Bearing Nunchaku

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  • Ideal for blocking, striking and trapping

  • Perfect for energetic demonstrations

  • Chain provides smooth rotation and fast spin

  • Rigid PVC inner core and flexible foam padding

  • Dimensions: 28cm handles / 14.5cm seven-link chain

Perfect for blocking and striking, as well as trapping and throwing, this high-performance nunchaku features a modern seven-link chain that is connected to a ball bearing swivel to provide a smooth rotation and a very fast spin. For the more experienced practitioner, the speed in which the nunchaku can be spun can offer dynamic and energetic demonstrations. Manufactured to provide the perfect balance between weight and safety, this lightweight nunchaku is made with a rigid PVC inner core and flexible foam padding. Easy to wipe clean before and after use. 28cm red handles with gold dragon artwork. 14.5cm seven-link chain.
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