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Blitz Martial Arts Swiftlock Smash Board

Blitz Martial Arts Swiftlock Smash Board

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  • Yellow: New Starter Board

  • Orange: Beginner Board

  • Green: Intermediate Board

  • Red: Advanced Board

  • Interchangeable colour-coded strength levels

Blitz Swiftlock Smash Boards are rebreakable padded boards, designed for inspiring confidence when training to punch and kick solid objects.

Available in four colour-coded strengths, each colour is interchangeable allowing for a gradual step up to the next colour strength. For example, interlock a yellow 'new starter' board with an orange 'beginner' board before progressing to the complete orange 'beginner' smash board.

New Starter Board (Yellow): Ideal for inspiring confidence in children. Perfect for learning what hitting a solid object may feel like.

Beginner Board (Orange): Recommended for children progressing in their training and have developed some strength and confidence with hitting solid objects.

Intermediate Board (Green): Ideal for teenagers. Designed for those who find the Beginner Swiftlock Smash Board easy and are looking to progress to the Advanced Swiftlock Smash Board.

Advanced Board (Red): Ideal for adults. Recommended for those who find the Intermediate Swiftlock Smash Board easy and would like to progress to something more challenging. Designed to develop Martial Artists' strength further before moving onto the Padded Smash Boards.

Each Swiftlock Smash Board includes indents for fingers at the front and a rubber grip at the back, with rounded edges, for a solid and comfortable hold. Easy to wipe clean before and after use. Dimensions: 24cm x 29cm. 2cm thick.
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