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Blitz Wooden Hanbo Staff

Blitz Wooden Hanbo Staff

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  • Held at one end and swung like a sword

  • Held in the middle to strike and block

  • 100cm long and 2.5cm in diameter

  • Red weighs 310g

  • White weighs 485g

Although not conventionally used in Aikido, the Hanbo is perfect for shomen or yokomen training strikes from a mid-distance; and is therefore, widely used in self-defence Aikido classes. The Hanbo can be held at one end and swung like a katana or kendo sword. Additionally, it can be held in the middle like a staff to strike and block from either end. A smooth, lightweight and durable wood, measuring 100cm in length and is the same 2.5cm diameter thickness throughout the length of the staff. Red: 310g. White: 485g. Easy to wipe clean before and after use.
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