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Grippo Bowls Wax In Tube

Grippo Bowls Wax In Tube

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This amazing product will make your bowls shine like never before and give you the perfect grip for every shot.
Whether you play indoors or outdoors GRIPPO BOWLS WAX will protect your bowls from scratches dirt and moisture. Plus it smells great and comes in a handy tube that fits in your pocket.
GRIPPO BOWLS WAX is easy to use: just rub a small amount on your bowls before each game and wipe off any excess with a soft cloth.
Youll be amazed by the difference it makes to your performance and enjoyment of the game.
GRIPPO BOWLS WAX is the ultimate accessory for bowlers of all levels
40ml tube
For a high lustre finish.
The worlds largest selling bowls wax.

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