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Molten Sports Ball L2Sc (Soft Touch / Non Sting)

Molten Sports Ball L2Sc (Soft Touch / Non Sting)

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Dodgeball is a team sport that involves throwing balls at the opposing team and avoiding being hit by them.
The game can be played indoors or outdoors with different rules and variations depending on the setting and the number of players.
The objective of the game is to eliminate all the members of the opposing team by hitting them with balls catching their throws or forcing them to move out of the court.
Dodgeball is a fun and energetic game that requires agility coordination and strategy.
It can also help improve physical fitness social skills and teamwork.
- Suitable for all ages
- Circumference (cm) 63-65
- Soft touch non sting rubber volleyball
- Moulded non slip construction suitable for young beginners
- Suitable for various playground games

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