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Cartasport New Zealand Style Rugby Shorts

Cartasport New Zealand Style Rugby Shorts

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These 100% Cotton rugby shorts are a popular choice for rugby players who want to enjoy the comfort and durability of natural fabric.
Cotton is breathable soft and absorbent making it ideal for sports that involve a lot of sweating and physical contact.
Cotton rugby shorts also have a classic look that can be customized with different colors logos and patterns.
Some of the benefits of 100% cotton rugby shorts are:
- They are easy to wash and dry as cotton is a machine-washable material that does not shrink or fade easily.
- They are resistant to tearing and abrasion as cotton is a strong and sturdy fiber that can withstand rough play and frequent use.
- They are comfortable and flexible as cotton is a smooth and elastic material that adapts to the body shape and movement of the wearer.
- They are eco-friendly and biodegradable as cotton is a natural and renewable resource that does not harm the environment or cause allergic reactions.
- 100% Cotton rugby shorts with elasticated waist

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