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Nike Refuel Bottle Locking Lid 24oz

Nike Refuel Bottle Locking Lid 24oz

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The Nike Refuel Bottle is designed for active individuals who need to stay hydrated during workouts sports or everyday activities.
It features a locking lid mechanism that ensures spill-proof and leak-proof performance.
Key Features:
Locking Lid: The bottles lid securely locks in place preventing accidental spills even when the bottle is turned upside down.
Durable Material: The bottle is made from durable BPA-free plastic making it suitable for both cold and room temperature beverages.
Ergonomic Design: The shape of the bottle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand or cup holder.
Sporty Aesthetics: Nikes iconic branding and sleek design make this bottle a stylish accessory.

Hand Wash Only: To maintain the locking lids effectiveness hand wash the bottle with mild soap and warm water.
Avoid Hot Liquids: While the bottle is suitable for cold and room temperature drinks avoid using it for hot beverages.
Check Seals Regularly: Inspect the lids seals periodically to ensure they are intact and functioning properly.

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