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Swingball Set

Swingball Set

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Enjoy fast and furious fun without having to knock on your neighbours door to ask for your ball back with Classic Swingball.
With this classic game there is no need to worry about those big hits or chase after wayward shots.
Featuring a ball and tether attached to the spiral head of a solid base pole the aim is to get the tether to the top or bottom depending on the player of the spiral.
Play starts with the tether positioned in the middle each player takes it in turns to hit the ball one hitting clockwise the other anti clockwise.
The tether will move up or down the spiral dependant on the direction of hit until somebody has one.

The spiked pole is height adjustable (up to 1.6m) can be planted into soft ground and is ideal for fun in the garden or at the beach.

Classic Swingball also includes 2 lightweight yet durable checkerbats and is weather resistant for a long life.

The Classic Swingball is a real family favourite and is a great way to encourage active outdoor play and deve

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