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Vulkan Black Neoprene Back Support (3023) - One Size

Vulkan Black Neoprene Back Support (3023) - One Size

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The Vulkan Classic 3023 Universal Back Support Belt comprises of three layers-
? A protective outer nylon top layer
? A closed cell neoprene layer that retains heat and provides compression
? The unique Aerotherm spiral lining that allows air to circulate drawing perspiration away from the skin to reduce skin irritation and increase comfort.

The combination of closed cell neoprene and the Aerotherm lining helps working muscles retain natural body heat and protect against sprains and strains which account for almost two thirds of all injuries. Retaining heat increases local circulation improving elasticity and the range of pain free movement. Healing is promoted and recovery times shortened enabling you to get back to doing the things you want to do much sooner.

? Designed to help reduce unwanted twisting movements and is ideal for central backache or lower back pain radiating as far as the buttocks
? Useful for anyone working in a manual occupation where regular twisting bending or lifting may b

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