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Zoggs Float Bands

Zoggs Float Bands

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Our Zoggs Float Bands are a great learn to swim aid for building childrens confidence in the water.
They feature Easy Inflate valves for 50% quicker inflation and deflation.
Our Float Bands are available in 4 different sizes across ages 0 - 12 years.
The bright orange is ideal for keeping a close eye on children as they learn to swim.

- Orange & Green for high visibility in the water
- Flat contoured under arm gusset for comfort
- Heavy duty Vylux
- 2 air chambers in each arm band with separate nonreturn safety valves
- Available in 4 different sizes: under 1 year (up to 12.5kg) 13 years (up to 15kg) 36 years (up to 25kg) and 612 years (up to 50kg)

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